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Rent a Living

Buying a home could arguably be the best option when the interest rate is significantly low (Current Prime is 2.85%). But buying a house for everyone does not make sense now whether we talk about professionals who move place to place as their job demands or new immigrants. With the current job market the indivduals have to be more flexible. No matter if it's a great time to buy a house but just dont thhink you are supposed to. Buy a house only if you are going to live in for a long time.
Renting on one side could be a condition depending upon your job or financial situation or any other reason but it is considered as a fancier living,you get to enjoy living in a better neighbourhood, a more luxurious condominium which otherwise would not be financially possiblr or practical if you decide to buy.
Apart from paying less that a home mortgage you can also save if you able to secure a apartment with utilities such as water, heater and cable included. It is just not the utilities but you are saving time and hassle with having to pay them off. You dont maintain the property therefore no maintenance issues or you have to worry about doing this and that to have everything in a working order. It could be a nightmare for new home owners when the maintenance cost kicks in unexpectedly. But some of the maintenance is regular for example Lawn Mowing, snow removal. When you rent all you do is dial the landlords number and complain about it.
Renting does not have to be a permanent choice. You can move in and out as per your choice and it's a easy decision to get out of rental and become owner of the house.
Remember Time is Money.
Predictable budget and Perks are another side of it.There is no hidden cost when renting everything is known and crystal clear (apart from the rental increase that depends on what your contract terms are) With Perks in apartments you have access to gym and swimming pool that you need not to take extra membership outside. Now if you own a home, having a olympic size pool is a low chance andif yo uhave that's another maintenance pain on top of everything. You dont pay property taxes which in GTA for a average house is close to 1%annually of the total value of the house.

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